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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview with New York Photographer Yann Feron

Yann Feron is a very talented fashion photographer based in New York. He was raised in France and has traveled to over 38 countries. In addition to fashion he shoots glamour, swimsuit, lingerie, art, commercial and fitness. He has been an avid photographer since he was 17. Yann shoots for international magazines and has been instrumental in helping to launch the careers of musicians, actors and actresses, models and artists.

In addition, he has worked with male and female models from the following agencies: 301, BASIC, ALL ABOUT HYPE, CODE, CHOICE, ELITE, MAJOR, ID, APM, IMG, IPM, IKON, NEW YORK MODELS, CHOICE, MC2, LEVEL1, Q, SILVER, RACE, RENEGADE, TRUMP, WILHELMINA, NEXT, KARIN, MEGA, CRYSTAL, MADEMOISELLE PARIS, RED, and many others.

I am thrilled to have been able to interview him! He is great!

AVIVA: Have you always wanted to be a photographer or did you have other career aspirations when you were younger?
YANN FERON: I started my career as a semi-pro photographer when I was in high school. I went to Ecuador for a hiking trip and did a documentary in slides in 1992. That's how I got more serious about photography, but I did not think about being a pro photographer. I studied then SPORTS SCIENCES and got a bachelor degree in Physical education, which I taught for ten years.

After travelling to more than 50 countries and documenting my trips, I landed in NYC and started doing portraits of people for fun, and I started doing fashion... 10 years later I only do photography and gave up teaching 4 years ago.

AVIVA: What photographers inspire you and why?
YF: There's only one-Helmut Newton...that is all! He is a master in sensuality and empowering the beauty of women.

AVIVA: What achievements in your career are you most proud of? (ie. publications, etc)

YF: Lately, I've had the cover of FHM in CZECH and get more and more features like in Singapore, Netherlands etc.
I've shot also for SHOEHOLICS magazine with their 2 entire issues in 2 days. It was a lot of work but filling 80 pages of a magazine in 2 days was a great accomplishment. I learnt lately that some of my photos were showcased in TIMES SQUARE NYC. Although I did not see it, it feels good to know that.

AVIVA: Do you pre-visualize your photos or do you put all the components together as you go?
YF: I always start with an inspiration and with my guts. I am surrounded with talented people for make up hair and wardrobe stylist, so I explain to them my vision and then they do their crafts. I am like a conductor of a classical orchestra i.e. I direct lead but don't impose.
AVIVA: What excites you about photography?
YF: The plurality of photography: this week I shot an art series with a ballerina for a book I am preparing (" BACK TO BACK"), a headshot for an actress, a glamour spread for FHM, a test shoot for an agency, shot Javier Colon (winner of THE VOICE) for HOMBRE magazine and did 2 castings for two shoots for next week. Every day is something special.

AVIVA: Do you feel your travels have helped you with your photographic visions and if so how?
YF: Well I shoot super fast, I don't spend lots of time on each look. I know what I want and I guess my photojournalism past has helped me to capture a moment without building it.
A photo has to stay natural.
AVIVA: What piece of advice do you have to models who would like to succeed in their careers?
YF: Be a pro! This means: lifestyle, health, diet, fitness, no smoking (your skin will thank you when you'll be in your late 20s) and have fun, take risks. In America nudity is a taboo, and in France nudity is art and models are so concerned about a nipple showing because most of American photographers use nudity in a sexual way,and in Europe nudity is used in fashion as a must for the beauty of a woman... there is a big difference.
AVIVA: What do you look for in a model?
YF: Spontaneity, versatility and personality.
AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
YF: Stay tuned and watch me. :) In 2013 I should have a new TV show on STYLE TV network called MODEL GENIUS where I'll be the co-host and judge.

I would like to thank Yann for the interview and I wish him all the best! Check him out: FACEBOOK, Tumblr, WEBSITE, TWITTER, ZENFOLIO.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Interview with European Model Veronica LaVery

Veronica LaVery is an amazing European model, originally from the Czech Republic currently living in California. She is very versatile in her looks and posing ability, although she specializes in fashion, lingerie, bikini and commercial modeling. Veronica has a wide range of publications under her belt, including the cover of Playboy Czech Republic, features in FHM and MAXIM, and many others. She is stunning, knows how to work in front of the camera, and has the drive and ambition to make huge strides in the modeling world.
Photo & Make-up by: Philipe

I am thrilled to have interviewed Veronica and I hope that you enjoy this interview as much as I did. :)

AVIVA: How long have you been modeling?
VERONICA LAVERY: In August '12 it is gong to be 3 years since I started working on my modeling portfolio wink

AVIVA: What is the most exciting part about your job?
VL: There is more than just one 'exciting part' of my job, I love how I get to work on various projects all the time, I never know what to really expect from my schedule and upcoming opportunities. For example, in an 8-hour everyday office job you will hardly ever get any unexpected surprises; and I'm glad modeling is not like that.

Photo: Philipe

AVIVA: Did you always want to be a model or did you have other career aspirations when you were growing up?
VL: Not at all! I never felt like I could ever be a model, I grew up as a little 'emo kid', with piercings, hating my life, and I didn't have any ambitions. The moment we moved to the States has started to change me and my vision on things and the opportunities I'm being given. So I started using them, and look where I am today.

Above: FHM CZ, Photography by Dre

AVIVA: What achievement(s) in your career are you most proud of?
VL: Besides all the big names I worked with, or for, magazines that are coming my way, magazine covers. I think I'm mostly proud of the 'progress' in what I do and in my own personal life in general. I think I keep 'shocking' people with my abilities in modeling. Which I like big_smile

AVIVA: Apart from having a great look, what else do you think is an important factor in succeeding as a model?
VL: You gotta be the whole 'package', there are millions of beautiful girls out there, but do their features and height give them the ultimate success? No, not at all, you gotta work hard, keep in shape, make smart decisions, know who you are, be professional, stay focused, know your advantages and your personality. I think the personality plays a major role here apart from the look, because that is what can make you stand out more.

Photo by: Martin Alonso Castaneda

AVIVA: Where do you see your modeling career going 5 years from now? (best case)
VL: I believe I can push myself into another level and that would be acting, there's still a lot I can and will do in modeling itself but I do want to stay in the entertainment industry and in front of the camera, so acting will be a good call. Let's hope I can do it even with my little Czech accent big_smile

AVIVA: What would you do if you won the lottery?
VL: Get at least one house, new cars for me an my family, invest in big things. I don't even wanna dream like that...haha

Photo by: Barry Fontenot

AVIVA: What piece of advice do you have for aspiring models?
VL: Once you set your goals, go towards them, don't let uneducated people put you down, be around the right people, and do what you love.
AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
VL: Visit me on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, my other Facebook, and my WEBSITE so you know what's new in my modeling life smile and thank you for reading all this.

I would like to thank Veronica for this interview, and I wish her all the best in the future.

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