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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Favorite Magazines and Reasons Why I Read Them

There are several magazines that I like to read for various reasons. Some magazines provide useful information on beauty, fitness/training, fashion, and make-up ideas. Others allow me to find places where I can get better deals on wardrobe, as well as coupons to online and offline stores that I can use to purchase new and exciting clothing. At the same time, I look at magazines in order to study ads created by popular brands, look at the poses and expressions of featured models, and use the magazines as guides on how to improve myself as a model.

Quite often, when I see a pose/image that I like, I cut it out of the magazine, and add it to my "reference list of things to try". The idea here is not to copy the image in the magazine, but to use it for inspiration in order to create something unique and make it my own.

Here are some of my favorite magazines that I've occasionally read, looked through and found they have some awesome posing ideas.

Please note: a lot of fitness magazines have ads that are selling certain supplements, diet products, and other items for sale. It is OK to disregard ads, and analyze only the information that is presented.

However, most of these magazines are good for posing references and make-up/wardrobe ideas, and not always the information.

The links provided here are Amazon links. The website offers better deals on magazine subscriptions than what you would find in stores and on newsstands.

1. Oxygen

2. Fitness RX

3. Shape

4. Runner's World

5. Harper's Bazaar

6. Women's Health

7. Cosmopolitan

8. Women's Running

9. Self

10. Nylon

11. Elle

12. W Magazine

13. Marie Claire

14. Vogue

15. In Style

16. Maxim

17. American Curves

18. Sports Illustrated (especially the Swimsuit Edition)

19. FHM

20. GQ

21. Digital Photo Pro

I will be reviewing each magazine individually, and adding new ones to this list as I remember them.


1 comment:

  1. I also like to take a lot of inspirations, specially when it comes to take pictures, from Magazines, and some of my favorites are GQ, Harper's Bazaar, FHM, Esquire, Vanity Fair and Vogue


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