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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fashions on the Streets of Victoria, BC

The other day, I decided to go for a walk downtown Victoria, to see if I can find any interesting people to photograph. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't the greatest, and the camera that I was using is only good for snapshot quality images. However, a heavy professional camera would have been impractical for the day, as I was shopping, and walking around in the scorching heat.

I was walking up Government street, and right as I was about to turn onto Johnson Street to go check out some of the local boutiques, I spotted a beautifully dressed tourist, and I approached her.

She was from Santa Barbara, and was on vacation in Victoria (good choice!). She stated that her colourful dress was Italian, and that instead of paying $350 for it, she paid $80. Additionally, her beautiful Mariano Orlandi purse only cost her $200 as opposed to $600. She got her stunning high heel shoes at Nine West. Nine West, from what I've seen, often have deals on shoes. :)

Above: Tourist from Santa Barbara.

The next image was taken as I was walking down Douglas Street on the same day.
The girl had just walking out of a cafe, and I took a quick snap of her because I liked the colourful dress that she was wearing.
Below: Local girl walking down the street.

Both ladies were flattered to be approached for a photo.
I am definitely hoping to get out more often, and photograph more people, wearing clothes that I like. :)


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