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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Working on Set With a Great Team of People

Photo Credits: Shimon Karmel, Eriko Yamamoto, Nightshade Beauty.

Oh July 11th, 2010, I did a photoshoot in Vancouver. However, I must add, it was not a regular photoshoot where I am hired by a photographer to upgrade their portfolio.
This was a shoot that involved a team of creative people, including photographer, make-up artist, hairstylist, and 2 other models. The purpose of the photoshoot was for Eriko to enter a national hairstyling competition called the Contessa. The theme of the hair styles was "birds" and the bird I was supposed to be was Toki. The other models took on the roles of Owl and Peacock.

Before the photoshoot took place, a lot of careful planning had to be in order. When working with many people, it is important for everyone to be on the same page, especially when it comes to scheduling.

In order to achieve this look, first, I had to go in for a precolour 2 days before the shoot. Naturally, my hair is light brown, so Eriko had to spend a few hours turning my hair blond. The next day, I had to come in for a colour and a trim, to get the look of the Toki bird.

The shoot went extremely well, and Eriko put a lot of work into doing our hair. She did a great job! I hope she does well in the Contessa.

Of course, I also credit Kat of Nightshade Beauty who did the amazingly beautiful and unique make-up, as well as photographer Shimon Karmel for being able to capture this wonderful image.

Links to the portfolios of the team who all worked together to produce this image:

Eriko's Work on Model Mayhem can be seen HERE
Nightshade Beauty WEBSITE
Shimon Karmel WEBSITE

Hopefully, I get to feature them soon :)

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