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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Swimwear Designer Feature: Piret Collection

It was a real pleasure interviewing Piret, who designs beautiful swimwear, called the Piret Collection. Piret is currently residing in Naples, Florida.
One of her designs will be featured on one of the contestants on Miss California pageant in November.
I am extremely impressed by Piret's talent, especially when it comes to making crochet bathing suits. She is very creative and has a unique product to offer her customers.

Image Credits:Photography by Dan Paradise, Models: Adriann and Heather

AVIVA:How long have you been doing fashion design?
I have done Fashion design since I was born- that's the way it seems to me. When I was little, I was doing paper dolls and clothes and selling them to my friends. A doll was 1$ and it came with 10 clothing items and any additional piece was 10 cents.
I made my first crochet bathing suit when I was 16.
Studied clothing design in college. After college got off the track, took a course in hospitality and traveled around working in hotels. That's how I came to the USA. When I decided to stay in Florida, that is when I started to look around to find a way to design professionally.
I started Piret Collection just a year ago.

AVIVA:What got you into swimwear design?
I started focusing on swimwear when I moved to Florida. It is bikini season all year long. And I really fell in love with bikinis, monokinis, tankinis etc. I'm a bikini girl myself. It is the sexiest clothing item a girl can have. That's why it is important, when you choose a suit make sure it is flattering. Don't look for something that just covers you up, go for suit that shows off what you have.

AVIVA:Do you have any designers that inspire you? If so, which ones?
I'm inspired by all the designers; all fashion industry is fascinating. I love reading about designers' life stories, and my favorite is Coco Chanel. Style wise I love Diane von Furstenberg and Betsey Johnson.

AVIVA:Besides clothing design, what are(is) your other passion(s)/interest(s)?
My passion is life. Trying to do the most in this lifetime. I love all kinds of art forms.Love traveling and adventures.
I'm also interested in visual media-it is something that I did a little bit in college, and now trying to pick up again. Just got a new camera for my birthday.

AVIVA: What excites you the most about being a fashion designer?
I love playing around with materials. It is fascinating how I can imagine something and then make it real. Coming up with new trends.

AVIVA: What is your greatest motivation for being a fashion designer?
Making girls look pretty. Seeing a smile on their faces when they are trying the suit on. If you find that right suit that makes you look good- you feel good and confident. And you are going to have a good day.

AVIVA:If money/time were no object, where do you hope fashion design will take you?
I'm looking to build Piret Collection into full beach and resort wear brand. I started with crochet bathing suits. Now looking to add fabric designs, and beach dresses and hopefully come out with full collection next year. Every swimwear designer's goal is Miami Swim Show.

AVIVA:Do you have any additional comments?
For the models-when you pose for bikini shoots you have to show confidence. That's why it is really important to also choose a good suit, and definitely shave before the bikini photoshoot!!! I had a girl, who wanted to become a model, come to the photoshoot unshaven. It was a nightmare. It was impossible to fit the suits on her and I ended up asking her to leave. There was no way we would have got good images.
I definitely believe that whatever Piret will come up with, regardless of the materials she uses, it will be beautiful and sexy!

I wish Piret continuous success in the fashion industry, and hopefully one day our paths will cross. :)

You can follow Piret Bikinis on FACEBOOK as Piret often posts product and discount information.
Also, you can find Piret on MODEL MAYHEM

Until August 23rd, you can enter to win one of Piret's swimsuits:
Click here for details. Winner Chosen on Aug. 23



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