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Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Business: Empress Jade Vintage, Online Vintage Clothing Retailer

I had the pleasure of working with and interviewing Lynn, the owner of Empress Jade Vintage.
Lynn is a fun person to be around, and she is very good at styling clothing and directing models.
I have worked with Lynn on several occasions, and have seen her large inventory of beautiful and unique vintage clothing.

The following image is from our most recent photoshoot for Empress Jade Vintage.

Credits: Photo-IMS Photographic, Make Up-Gracee Blair, Models-Gracee, Myself, ShayRae,Wardrobe/Styling-Empress Jade Vintage

When I asked Lynn to tell me more about her business, this is what she said:
I started selling vintage full time about 4 years ago but I was dabbling in it for a number of years beforehand. Like most vintage sellers I started selling when my own personal collection of stuff got out of hand. When I was your age I was interested in avant garde and theatrical fashion and never found what I was looking for in the malls so it was easier to carve out a unique look by incorporating some vintage elements. I found that vintage clothing offered exceptional style at a fraction of the cost of new and many older garments are simply made better with finer fabric and details. Modern clothes rely on stretch fabric for fit but vintage garments are darted and seamed to follow the curves of a woman's body. Many women prefer the tailored womanly fit of vintage clothes.

Empress Jade Vintage sells mostly fun inexpensive women's fashion focusing mainly on the 50s to the 80s, with the occasional piece that is 40s or older. You won't find too many basics in our store; I prefer to offer crazy prints, bright colors, sexy cuts and things that make a women stand out of the crowd. Empress Jade's target market is hip, urban woman aged 18 to 30. We also sell a lot of vintage lingerie and our customers are just as likely to wear a vintage slip or a nighty out as clubwear instead of wearing them as undergarments. Surprisingly I do not sell very much locally; 99% of my sales are outside of Canada with the majority of sales from big city centers like LA, New York, London, Paris. I sell strictly online and right now have stores on both Etsy and Ebay. I do think there is room in Victoria for a brick and morter vintage clothing store, and I have certainly considered opening one over the years, but for me an online business offers a lot of flexibility and it fits my lifestyle. For the future I hope to expand my advertising efforts and re-launch my own website in the Fall.

You can check out Empress Jade Vintage onFacebook and
Shop at Empress Jade Vintage on Etsy, and Ebay

I wish Lynn all the best with Empress Jade Vintage, and I always look forward to working with her.

Thank you for reading,

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