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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Featuring: Luciana of Lybethras Swimwear Interview

The other day I stumbled upon Lybethras Swimwear while searching for companies that produce beautiful, high quality bathing suits. I was very impressed with Luciana's designs. All I could think of was how wonderful women would look at the beach while wearing Lybethras Swimwear. Lybethras Swimwear is a high end Brazilian swimwear company.

Lybethras Swimwear has been worn in beauty pageants, as well as featured in magazines such as Dietas Ja (Nov 2009), In Style, and Shape (Brazil).

It was a great pleasure interviewing Luciana. :) I hope you all enjoy the showcase of outstanding images that go along with it.

AVIVA: How long have you been in the swimwear business?
I've been working with clothes and swimwear together since 1991, and since 2002 only with swimwear.

AVIVA: How did you get started with swimwear? Do you design it yourself?
I started with swimwear because I think it was missing good styles for all kinds of bodies. On the beach it's only your body in your bikini and sometimes you are one size on top and another size on the bottom. In Brazil we had a revolution where many women got silicone breast implants. So it was impossible to find a size that will be good for the top and bottom. Then we created mix and match styles for Brazilians that don't have this and they love it. I make every swimsuit to show the best part of body and hide the worst parts.Women need to be confident at the beach. Women that are mothers need more support. We create bikinis thinking of all kinds of bodies. This is one the reasons for our success.

AVIVA: What is the most exciting thing about your business?
Happiness in people who discover our label and have fidelity in our styles. We receive emails from people that love our swimwear, that never go to beach nor feel powerful, but they feel that way with our bikinis. This is the best part. We want 100% satisfaction from every customer.

AVIVA: What would you say is the price range for your swimwear?
We have prices for all budgets. We have swimsuits starting at USD 90.00to USD450.00

AVIVA: How can someone contact you to make a purchase?
On our website we have a online store. Also if they need a special bikini, please send an email to and we will answer it soon.

AVIVA: Do you sell wholesale?
Yes and also make private labels for Pepe jeans London, Christina liquori and many others in the international market.

AVIVA: How does one apply to become a model for you? Do you offer discounts to models who would like to shoot using your swimwear?
Just send us pictures when we have preselections that are in may 2011. Yes, we could offer 20% for models.

AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
No everything was a pleasure.

You can view more of Luciana's work on the Lybethras Swimwear Website where you can order the suit of your choice. Also, look for Lybethras Swimwear on Facebook

I hope you enjoyed this interview :)


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