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Friday, August 5, 2011

What's in Store for Me and AH Life & Style?

Hey ladies and gentlemen,

It's about time that I posted a behind-the scenes kind of post which will talk about some things that have gone on outside of this blog. I haven't been updating it as often, but that does not mean that I have forgotten about you. You are the best, and you definitely keep me writing & taking photos! I appreciate all the great emails that you send me from time to time.

My goal is to provide you all with information that you can benefit from if you are somehow involved in the fitness, fashion, beauty, and modeling industry, as well as share photos and other little fill-in tidbits.

With that being said, I LOVE this. However, for me to be able to continue to go on with AH Life & Style, I must take part in information gathering, training, and create experiences for myself that can make this a better place for my readers. Sure, I can take the easy way out and just rehash the same content that other bloggers are publishing, but I don't like to do that.

I want to bring something new and fresh to my ever-evolving online publication. :)

So, here is what is going on:

**I was super-busy with my second to last semester in business school (the joy of being a 4th year student). Only 4 more months of actual school and 1 year worth of work experience, and I will have my Bachelor of Commerce degree.

**Recently, I signed up for personal training certification courses. Well, why not, right? I mean I am already a fitness enthusiast and former high school athlete, so why not become a credible one. That way, you guys and gals will have more up-to-date, more accurate, and more in-depth information about fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.

**I am trying to get rid of clutter. I have some stuff that I have not needed/worn/used for the past 3 years or longer, and I feel that it is time to let go if I were to move forward. If you have not used something for 3 years, are you really ever going to use it again? So, I think that I will sell some stuff, donate the stuff that doesn't sell to charity, and throw out the stuff that can't be disposed of in the previously mentioned ways.

**I am working on lining up interviews with some amazing people in the fashion/modeling industry, but dealing with 3rd parties when you are trying to contact them can be tough. However, I will not give up, because like I said, I want to provide YOU with information and YOU are the reason for my motivation, even when it gets tough.

**I am in the process of selecting some New York fashion & fitness bloggers that I would like to hire to write some of the content for AH Life & Style. I was looking for amazing people to work with, got an overwhelming amount of replies from interested and qualified writers. I am still going through the process, and although I initially wanted to hire 2, I might have to hire more.

**Other things are coming up, but I am not allowed to disclose them just yet. :) Soon enough though.

**I have been taking pictures, but I have not had a chance to post them, but I will.

**An interview with an amazing Victoria personal trainer is currently in "Drafts". So stay tuned for that one.

**I am seeking partnerships with reputable publications/websites who would be interested in publishing/reprinting some of my upcoming articles.

**I have secured a partnership with a highly reputable online community, whose name I am not yet disclosing, because I want that to be a surprise!

**AND...Last but not least!! Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY sponsored by amazing clothing designer Laura Ashton!!!!!!

So, what have you been up to in July and what is in store for you in August?

Just a thought: "To blog I gotta live, but not necessarily the other way around"

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