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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interview with Fashion Model Katlin Sumners

Katlin Sumners is a beautiful and talented runway fashion model with over 3 years of industry experience. Throughout her career, she has worked with hundreds of photographers, designers, make-up artists and stylists. It is not a surprise that she has been published multiple times and I am sure that she will continue to thrive in the fashion world. In her spare time, Katlin enjoys doing yoga, making her a huge asset at photoshoots which call for unique posing, requiring flexibility. In addition, she is great at hair styling and doing her own make-up, so that means that having Katlin at a shoot is like having a whole team of talented individuals.

Above Image credits: Photo by Lotus Josephine, Makeup by Morgan Panter, and Wardrobe by Karen (Art Farm)

AVIVA: How did you get started in modeling?
KATLIN SUMNERS: I began modeling in November 2007 not too long after I turned 18 and was inspired by a friend's modeling pictures. Although her photos were taken by an amateur photographer and were not all that professional, it was enough to inspire me to get really serious and begin networking and building up a small portfolio, and after that there was no where to go but up.

AVIVA: What excites/inspires you the most about your job?
KS: The people. Its such a wonderful experience to be able to meet and work with so many talented individuals from all over the world and with so many different backgrounds and personalities. I've really enjoyed meeting all the people from all over, and many of those I've worked with have become friends. Each one of them has such a different story, its really an amazing experience and an honor to be able to meet so many diverse individuals. Where else would I be able to meet such a variety of people except in the modeling field?

Above Image Credits: Photo by Mickle Design Werks, Collar by Sintillations, Dress by Empress Mess Makeup/hair by Nicole Lamedica

AVIVA: What achievement(s) in your career are you most proud of (publications etc)?
KS: Though I am always proud and excited for any publication I receive, I am most proud of my recent work that came out in Giuseppina's "Pride" issue this July 2011... This is because aside from some featured photos, I also had the chance to write a piece about my life and what it was like growing up with lesbian parents in the 1990s. Its really a special experience to get to share with the world, and supporting awareness and Pride for the gay community which I grew up close to is wonderful.

AVIVA: Have you always wanted to be a model or did you have other career aspirations when you were younger?
KS: I have always wanted to be a model, honestly. When I first began modeling I got really into the spirit and colorful concepts of Alternative modeling, and though I transitioned into fashion modeling where I feel most comfortable, I think you can still see a little bit of that initial influence in my more avant-garde photos now.

Above Image Credits: Photo by Echelon Photography, Makeup by Jasmine Vaughn, Tribal Necklace by One Sweet Peach Jewelry, Hair by Echerrie

AVIVA: If you could meet a famous person, who would it be and why?
KS: Honestly, this will sound cliche, but I can't really think of a celebrity or famous person that I would want to meet- even in the music industry.

AVIVA: What do you feel has been your greatest challenge that you had to overcome as a model?
KS: My height and age. Though I am tall for a female at 5'8 and 3/4 and only 21 years old, most major fashion agencies start training girls for runway at 12-17 years old, and most major agencies want girls who are 5'9 and over. This means I end up doing a lot of commercial projects, but honestly, I enjoy that so it's not so bad.

AVIVA: What piece of advice do you have for aspiring models?
KS: Network yourself early and network yourself well- really strive to put your work out there in every single way possible. Always be polite and professional, even when someone else is not doing so- be the bigger person. Knowing basic makeup and hair skills has come in handy more times than I can count, practice your skills as often as possible. Last but not least always, always leave an hour earlier than you need to for a photoshoot. Being early is never a bad thing!

Above Image Credits: Photo by Mickle Design Werks, Styling by Katlin Sumners herself.

AVIVA: What are your top 3 goals (career or personal) for the next 5 years of your life?
KS: I have a silly but fun personal project I'm working on for modeling, which is to shoot with as many farm animals and exotic animals as possible during my career! So far I have shot with several horses, cats, my puppy, a black German shepherd, a goat, a polish chicken, a peacock and a pigeon. To do a model tour of Europe, hopefully for a few months next year after I finish my associates degree. To finish my bachelors degree.

You can view more of Katlin's work on her Model Mayhem; become a fan on Facebook; read her blog; and follow her on Twitter.

I hope you enjoyed this interview, and please come back for more!
Aviva :)

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