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Sunday, November 20, 2011

GUEST POST: For a Different Spin on a Cocktail Dress, Go Elizabethan!

Attribute to: Jag Ture, Cayenne Red. Jag Ture is a regular article writer and blogger on behalf of Brands Exclusive, an online retailer specialising in Designer Shoes and Cocktail Dresses.


A few seasons ago, the tulip dress was all the rage. That cute, kooky little number that pulled you in at the waist and ballooned out at the hips to create a tulip shape was perfect for creating curves where there are none, but also great for concealing lumps and bumps! Unfortunately, I fall into the latter category and have lumps and bumps where neither a lump nor bump should be, so when it came to find a dress for my aunt's wedding I thought this would be perfect for my generous figure!

 Just because this was hot a few seasons ago, it doesn’t mean this is OUT of season now, but purely for my (slight) addiction to internet shopping, I typed “tulip cocktail dresses” into the search engines instead of hitting the high-street and uncovered a whole wonderland of gorge tulip cocktail dresses, from plain, block colours to cute little flowers and bows.

 On my travels through the wilds of the fashion corners of the web, I found a new trend that I had somehow completely missed: the modern, Elizabethan-style skirts and dresses! Hitting the catwalks via D&G’s 2008 Spring Collection, these amazing dresses incorporate all the style of this lavish, opulent era thrown smack-bang into the 21st century and given a saucy twist! Cut as a micro-mini to bring this forgotten style even more up to date, if the young Queen Elizabeth were alive today, I’m betting her cocktail dress would look a little something like this! I absolutely love this style – anything to put me in mind of the gorgeously rich Elizabethan dresses can’t be bad – but find myself a wee bit shy to brave the streets in one – yet!


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