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Friday, September 14, 2012

GUEST POST: Get Your Dream Figure In 30 Days

This article was submitted by Anna. Anna loves to blog on belly fat reduction. To know more about her updates, please view How to burn belly fat.

Every one of us desires to have a well shaped and toned body. Unfortunately, not all of us are bestowed with an enviable six packed body. There are many contributors to our love handles and bulging bellies. Genes, lifestyle, eating habits all play an important part in determining your weight. This does not however mean that you have to be saddled with this extra baggage all through your life. With a bit of change in your lifestyle and eating habits, you can easily attain a dream figure. All it takes is motivation and dedicated efforts on your part. You are at an arm’s reach away from your dream figure.

1. Exercise: Exercise is the key to a dream body. Our sedentary desk jobs and hectic lifestyle has hardly left us with anytime for exercise. With the result that there is growing obesity and related diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Our body needs physical activity to enable it to perform well. Exercise speeds up your metabolism and helps in burning fat. Incorporate a 30 minute exercise regime and follow it five times a week. Once you move out from being a couch potato and start to enjoy the workouts, you will slowly but surely start to lose weight.

2. Eat healthy: Improper eating habits contribute to weight gain. If you desire to lose weight to have a fabulous body, the first step is to eat right. Keep away from refined and processed foods, carbonated beverages, high fatty foods and foods laden with sugar and salt. Include lots of fiber rich foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods and fat burning foods like cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower).

3. Reduce belly fat: Belly fat makes you look saggy and unattractive. Since most of our excess fats gets stored n the abdominal region, taking steps to eliminate the belly fat will help in reducing the overall weight. Avoid alcohol and high cal foods. Perform abdominal workouts, exercises specifically intended to reduce belly fat and tone the abdominal muscles.

4. Stick to a lower carb diet: A low carb diet has been proved to be very effective in reducing weight. When you reduce the quantum of carbohydrates in your diet, there is a reduction in the calorie intake. To make up for the calorie deficit, the body starts to withdraw the reserve fats. By sticking on to a low carb diet, you will start to use up your stored fat and this meltdown will contribute to weight loss.

5. Build your muscles: if you have more muscles, you can burn fat faster. Include lot of proteins in your diet, because proteins help to build muscle. Incorporate resistance training exercises. These exercises help to build the muscle mass. More the muscles, higher will be your metabolic rate. If your metabolism is high, you can burn fat faster. Do 20 minute resistance training for 3 days a week.

Follow a good and healthy diet combined with structured exercises. You will be on a healthy weight loss schedule and you can forever maintain a fabulous body.

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