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Monday, October 29, 2012

Police Uniform Shirts

It's important that police officers have all the necessary equipment to do their jobs properly. And while most people may think of equipment like ballistic vests or firearms, the clothes that officers wear to get their jobs done is no less important. In fact, it may be even more important, since the main way you identify a police officer is by his or her uniform. That's why all great police uniform shirts need to strictly abide by the NFPA 1994 requirements, and all of the updates that have been added to them since.

What Are NFPA Requirements?

These requirements, which have been regularly updated as a standard, list out the rules and regulations regarding the uniforms worn when responding to terrorism. This includes protection from chemical and biological agents, as well as more traditional forms of attack. While it would seem that these standards focus more on equipment like gas masks, full body chemical suits or ballistic vests, even the standard issue shirt is not exempt from scrutiny. And to make sure that officers are following all the rules, it's important to buy shirts that meet all of the requirements listed.

Modern Materials, Up To Date Rules

When uniform requirements are shifted for police officers, it's always done for a reason. And much like the armed forces, these rules have to be applied uniformly across departments in order to make sure that they have the necessary and desired effect. And for officers to make sure they're properly following the requirements, they also have to go to reliable merchants that are equally familiar with these rules and regulations.

These regulations can have multiple, positive impacts. They promote uniformity and protective standards, which is important. They also make certain that old, outdated materials and equipment are not being relied upon to keep officers safe in a pinch. When your life can depend on the equipment you're wearing, from the weave of your ballistic vest down to the material of your work shirt, it's important that you buy in accordance with the standards that have been put forth for you, your fellow officers and all other police in the country.
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