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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lovely Mini Dress from the Meghan Shop


I was looking around on the Meghan Shop Website, and found this very sexy summer mini dress.

When it comes to this dress,what caught my attention is the way the back is done.

I am a fan of unique elements in clothing and I believe that this is what separates this dress from some of the other ones that were there.

It is also great for photographing because for the most part it is just one colour, and it is a lot easier to photograph a uniform colour as opposed to patterns.

Although mini dresses are not for everyone, because they are quite short and may not be appropriate for certain occasions, I believe that it would look good with black leggings and high heel shoes.


***Image from the Meghan Shop Website***

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  1. I really like that detail on the back! Like you, I'm a fan of particular things! It's just too short, but if you wear it with leggins, then no problem!


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