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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Number ONE Reason for Nutrition Misinformation

As you have probably guessed, the number one reason for nutrition misinformation is...PROFIT!

Companies that produce diet/nutritional products are interested in making money and they will stop at nothing to turn people's desires for quick and easy weight loss into cash, as long as they are within the legal parameters of the FDA (and other such agencies).

There will always be a huge market for new (and improved) nutritional products as long as people continue to buy the myths of fad dieting, and look for quick and easy ways to lose weight, look younger, and build muscle.

Although there are some good nutritional products, that, combined with a healthy exercise regimen, can help you achieve your nutritional and fitness goals, many others are simply gimmicks that prey on people's desires for instant gratification.

So, how do you identify nutrition misinformation?
Below is a checklist straight from "Nutrition Now" by Judith E. Brown:

1. Is something being sold?
2. Does the promotional material use the terms "magic", "revolutionary", "secret", "new", "never before seen", "studies prove", etc?
3. Does the product offer solutions to problems that are difficult to solve (such as cellulite, obesity, aging)?
4. Is there a money back guarantee?
5. Are before and after photos, testimonials, etc used?
6. Does it seem too good to be true?

I hope you found this helpful.


Nutrition Now by Judith E. Brown (it is filled with great & easy to read nutiritional information and was the book that was used in my nutrition class)

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