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Friday, October 15, 2010

That Special Yellow Sparkly Dress

There are a few reasons why this dress is special to me. Those reasons have nothing to do with the price or the attractiveness and elegance of the dress. It only cost me 120 Rubles, which is about $4 CAD.

So, then why do I value it?
Well, there are several reasons:
~I got it in Russia when I was 9 years old.
~2 days after I got the dress, the place where I bought it went out of business and closed.I really liked shopping there, because even when I was 9 I saw that the clothing being sold there was attractive and yet very inexpensive.
~Additionally, my great grandmother, who died at age 94 was still alive when I bought it.
When she saw it on me, she said, "Oh, wow! This dress is too big for you!".
I said, "I know, but one day I will put it to good use".

And, I am fairly happy that I was able to uphold my word when I told my great grandma (RIP), that one day I would wear it well. Only now does it actually fit.

Image Credits: Photo-IMS Photographic, MUA:Shawni Heigers
Location: Red Dragon Downtown Victoria in Chinatown.

I am definitely going to shoot again in this dress, except that I will be going to a different location to do so.

Stay tuned for more images, interviews, and just plain good times!

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