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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GUEST POST: Martha’s Vineyard Wedding Ideas for a Perfect Vineyard Wedding

If you are planning to have a vineyard theme wedding, you should definitely check out Martha's Vineyard wedding ideas.


  • For your bouquet:
When you choose the flowers for your vineyard wedding bouquet, be sure to pick out flowers that go with the theme and the venue of your wedding. Calla lilies and roses that have a red wine hue coupled with fern and green berries that provide the hint of green to your bouquet is just what you need.
  • For the centerpieces:
To ensure that your centerpieces are also designed keeping the theme of your wedding in mind, be sure to decorate them with roses, calla lilies as well as ferns. Remember to use a water filled tray which will help keep your centerpiece fresh throughout the ceremony and reception. Ask your local florist to show you some options.

Goodie box filled with vine goodies is just the right favor to give your guests. The goodie box can comprise of a bottle of wine from the vineyard, chocolates and cheese to go with the wine and a thank you note or card from the bride and groom. You could also go in for boxes of grape flavored jelly beans packaged in wood veneer boxes that look like a wine barrel.

You can bring in a little bit of your venue into the cake, and you can do this by ordering a wine inspired cake. Also instead of using a regular table to hold your grand cake, you can use a wine barrel as it makes the perfect stand for your cake during your wedding.

Candle holders
Instead of the regular candle stand and light holders, you can use wine bottle lights which is nothing but a wine bottle with a candle inside it.

These are some of Martha’s Vineyard wedding ideas which will help add that extra touch of uniqueness to your special day.
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