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Monday, November 12, 2012

Interview with Public Myth Clothing Designer Kerry Pollock

I am thrilled to have been able to interview Kerry Pollock, the founder of Public Myth. Public Myth is a unique Vancouver-based active wear company.  Traditionally, fitness clothes were not meant to be fashionable, but Kerry's designs are living proof that fitness clothing can be fashionable, stylish and comfortable. Kerry is passionate about fitness and it shows! Kerry is very talented and Public Myth is a great company.

AVIVA:What inspired you to start Public Myth?
KERRY POLLOCK: The lack of style in active and yoga wear, I wanted to create a line with style, attitude and rock n' roll flare.




AVIVA: What is your favorite thing about designing clothing?
KP: When I meet someone wearing pieces from my line and they tell you how much they love it.
AVIVA: Could you tell us more about your company's vision?
KP: To bring style into active/yoga wear while investing in ecologically sound practices, including local manufacturing in Vancouver and using eco-friendly fabrics like bamboo.

AVIVA: What do you feel sets you apart from other fitness clothing companies?
KP: The designs, I bring influences from the rest of the fashion world. Also, attention to detail including zippers, buttons, mesh panels and metallic stitching that doesn't look like your typical yoga line. The leggings have diverse designs that can be dressed up with you favorite boots to head out on the town or throw on a pair of runners with a sports top and hit the seawall. Some of the pieces aren't for every girl out there, but definitely for the fit and confident ones that know what they want in life.
AVIVA: What do you look for in models that you select for your shoots?
KP: I have mostly worked with models looking for industry experience and am more focusing for the future on working with models who have a natural healthy look and who choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the look also depends on the kind of shoot I want to do, just like fashion looks always change!
AVIVA: What is your biggest influence as a designer?
KP: Rock n' Roll, California and European Fashion.
AVIVA: What are your other passions, hobbies and interests?
KP: I'm a bit of a health nut so eating healthy is big. I'm always keeping active including the gym, mountain biking and getting my vitamin D from doing anything active in the sunshine (when it's around).
AVIVA: Name your top three travel destinations?
KP: I work too much to travel but I love Southern California, would also like to visit Germany and Australia.
AVIVA: If you could meet any famous fitness person, who would it be?
KP: Tough question, not a big person in awe of celebrities but I have amazing respect for several rock bands that fought hard to make it big. So, on that note, I would probably pick Josh Todd of Buck Cherry just to hear some stories of the 10 + year battle they went through to make their passion for music a career. I find bands that have these stories in their music to be a big inspiration.
AVIVA: Do you have any additional comments?
KP: Live with passion!

You can also like Public Myth on FACEBOOK.The photos displayed in this blog post were copied from the Public Myth website.

P.S. I would also like to thank Kerry for the beautiful pieces that were sent to me from Public Myth. :)

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