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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prominent Makeup: Only for Shoots and Special Occasions!

In our society, there is a lot of emphasis on women having to wear makeup every day. I even heard of some spending hours doing makeup before leaving the house to run some errands (they must have a lot of time on their hands)!!

On regular days, I don't wear make-up at all, not even concealer. Being a student and having limited time to spend in front of the mirror is one reason for not wearing make-up. The other reason is that I don't want to have clogged up pores.

Today, the worldwide spending on cosmetics is estimated at $19 billion a year. Makeup is a subset of the general category of "cosmetics" which refers to products that are primarily used to alter a user's appearance. Daily use of make-up could get expensive.

My goal with this post is to let women know that they do not need to wear face-altering makeup every day to be considered "beautiful".

In my opinion, I think that the use of prominent makeup should be limited to special occasions (or if you're a model, photoshoots). I definitely limit make-up only to photoshoots.

First, using too much makeup is not very good for the skin because it does not allow the skin to breathe (of course, this depends on the make-up). Some make-up even clogs the pores too, which can cause breakouts.

Second, many guys don't like it when women wear too much make-up (I actually surveyed some guys about this one), because the less make-up a woman wears, the less she appears to be "hiding" and thus is more confident in herself. Many women use make-up as a security blanket, or feel like they are not pretty enough if they don't wear make-up. The truth is, YOU are beautiful.

Third, sometimes it is best to be yourself and be natural. I think that it is very important for a woman to have confidence in herself without having to cover her face in 2 lbs of concealer and face-altering eye shadows. Then again, that is only my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I like make up, just not all the time.

What do you think about make-up? Is it something that you wear to special occasions, or can you not leave the house without it?

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