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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

GUEST POST: Lets the Person within Come Out

Today’s fashion designs are strong and creative. Tattoo shirts by make a statement to the world through their innovative ideas. Tattoo artists have a special style and use their talents to produce wearable art. People want to express themselves through the clothes they wear. Men and women find an outlet by wearing unique tattoo clothing. Original art is used to create an individualized look that sets the wearer apart from the crowd. Fashion is an extension of the person who is wearing it, so it needs to tell a story through the design.

Tattoos become part of a person’s identity and clothing can be just as expressive. That is why InkAddict has created a line of clothing that brings the tattoo to life in everyday designs. Music has been an inspiration of the tattoo community and this idea has transferred to this line of clothing. The fabric is chosen to represent the softness and quality that is important in fashion. Men can choose the perfect tee or zip up hooded sweat shirt. Women require a special fit that is specifically designed for their bodies. A perfect example of a great fit for women is the Ink women’s black sweat pant that follows the curves of the woman. Black leggings are available with bright pink letters that are bold and beautiful.

Showing off the ink is the goal for those that love the art. InkAddict clothes are designed to display body ink while sporting the newest fashion designs. The tanks in the collection are perfect for those wanting to share their unique designs with the world. Living life to the fullest can be seen by those wearing the InkAddict brand. Their original works of wearable art serve a dual purpose. The first being to cover the body in comfort, and the second is to offer designs that are unique to the individual person. It is easy to be confident when wearing clothes that look good and feel great. Now is the time to know who the person is within you and let it show outwardly by wearing clothes that fit a lifestyle.
Posted by Thuy Vy Paz

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