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Friday, January 11, 2013

GUEST POST: Stand Apart in the Crowd - In a Good Way

If you do not want to be a carbon copy of the girls who wear the latest fashion from the mall, then you will want to shop at Shop Heist. You can get a completely original look and keep your budget in check at the same time. The  fashions are designed to stretch your wardrobe to the fullest. The clothing and accessories will also help you stand apart in a crowd and get you noticed the way you want to be noticed, with a sense of style..

You will be happy to find brands such as Jerome Dreyfuss Fredo lambskin bag at When you carry a purse from this line, people will stop and ask you, "where did you get that purse?" You will find an array of assorted styles, colors, and sizes to meet your particular fashion needs. Shop Heist offers purses. This line carryies both colors and patterns. Many of the purses are made from calf, lamb, or goat skin, which is a durable and long lasting leather. If you like animal prints, there will surely be a purse to grab your attention. You will want to hurry up and buy it though, these purses are known to sell out fast. To order your purse go to and visit here to view the  complete selection.

If you want to wear something to coordinate with your new purse, then look no further. To see an Isabel Marant PARIS CARDIGAN click here at Shop Heist. This line offers comfortable tee shirts in just the right lengths and colors. You can find knitted sweaters that are sure to dress up the most faded pair of jeans . Need a comfortable yet stylish dress? You will find one here for sure.  They also offer cardigans and silk blouses that never go out of style. Find more selections by Isabel Marant here.

Be your own person with your own sense of style. Stand apart from the crowd in fashions you love, are comfortable in, and get noticed in. Make a statement that says you like who you are and the world you live in.

Posted by Thuy Vy Paz

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