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Thursday, January 27, 2011

8 Tips To Keeping Your Body Healthy

This is a guest post by Toni Falcone of Lean Fit Body.

For most people, starting a daily fitness routine is somewhat hard to do. For some people, it can never be the top priority because something will always come up that needs your immediate attention like your work. For others, work always comes first, setting aside the health activities, which should not be the case.

Yes, most people do plan to engage in fitness activities, but they never get to the point of making their plans a reality.
Goals must be set and acted upon in order for you to achieve your plans. Your goals must be realistic enough to minimize pressure and ensure achievement. It will guide you through the achievement of your desire to have a healthy body.

These tips will help you stay on the right track of keeping your body healthy:

1. Follow a healthy nutrition and a well balanced diet:According to health experts, healthy foods and nutrients fuel up your body to function properly.You need a healthy balanced diet to keep up with your daily nutritional requirements.

2. Get enough rest:Get enough uninterrupted sleep with an average of 6-8 hours. Your body needs rest to fuel up and restore your energy. Sleep will also help boost your immune system and give your nervous system enough time to heal.

3. Be present:Thinking about several things at the same time compromises your mental health. Worrying about other things will just keep you distracted and give you stress. You must concentrate on and enjoy what you are doing now.

4. Exercise:It is vital to exercise at least 30 minutes per day. It improves your body's circulation, helps relieve stress, and keeps you fit by burning excess fat and expending excessive calories. Aside from physical exercises, you can also do mental exercises, like meditation, to help keep your mind relaxed and at ease.

5. Keep yourself surrounded with good support system:Your family and friends are important to motivate, inspire and support you in your endeavor. With their support, encouragement and appreciation, you will be motivated to pursue your fitness goals.

6. Laugh:As the common saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine.” Laughing helps keep you young and healthy. Laugh at your problems and do not think too much about them.

7. Think positively:Do not listen to discouragements because it will just pull your hopes down. It is normal for some people to try to pull you down. Always think about the good things and never forget your goals.

8. Learn to handle your emotions:It is normal for people to have problems. Your best defense against worry and other negative emotions is an effective coping mechanism. If you healthily cope with your stresses, you will have a stable mental health.

Now you are all set to formulate your own health and fitness plan. Determine your goals and follow these tips for a healthier and longer life. It does not only help you in keeping your body healthy but your mind as well.


This wraps up Toni's 8 Tips to Keeping Your Body Healthy. We hope that these tips will help you reach your fitness goals. For more information, please visit Toni's website,

We hope you enjoyed this article, and come back for more!


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