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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Aviva's List of Top 15 Fashion Blogs

Do you have favorite fashion blogs that you like to read?

I certainly do. Over time, I've been following some of my favorites for a number of reasons: they have great images, the content is awesome, and as a result, they have received a top search engine ranking and recognition by the online community. In fact, some of the blogs are so good, that the authors have been featured in mainstream media.

Post your favorite fashion blogs in the comments below and let me know why you like them. I want to check them out :)

These were some of my favorites in 2010:

1. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni
Chiara Ferragni has had her blog going since October 2009, and in just over a year, she has managed to get thousands of fans and followers, extensive press coverage from some of the top fashion publications, as well as sponsorships from some of the top companies. Good job, Chiara!

2. The Sartorialist
The gentleman who started The Sartorialist used to own a designer showroom. After closing his showroom, he took and interest in photography because he was fascinated by the fashions on the streets. The blog has become a tremendous success in over a year as well. Currently, The Sartorialist is one of "Time Magazine's Top 100 Design Influences" and receives hundreds of thousands of visits to the blog.

3. SASSYBELLA.COM by Helen Lee
Helen Lee started her blog in 2002, which has since then grown into an online phenomenon. The blog is based in Australia, and has been featured in the Australian versions of Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, as well as and various other print and online media. Congratulations, Helen, and keep up the great work!

4. Gala Darling Gala is a speaker and writer whose unique personal style and ability to express herself online and offline has gotten her featured in the New York Times’ T magazine, WWD, New York Post, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Time Out New York, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph, Next, Cleo, Girlfriend, The Age, Sunday Herald Sun, The Dominion Post, Inked magazine, Glasgow Guardian & on ABC News. She has written for ChinaShop, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Filament, Bust & Good, and much more. Gala's blog is filled with inspiration!

5. FashionToast by Rumi Neely
It is a style/fashion blog that has received thousands of loyal readers, press coverage, and much more. She started her blog in 2007 and it has clearly grown to be a tremendous success. Excellent work, Rumi! :)

6. Karla's Closet
Karla has been on blogger since 2008, and over the last 2 years her blog has caought the interest of thousands of readers. She has been featured on as a "blogger of the moment" as well as several other websites and media.

7. Fashionista
This is a pretty awesome blog founded by Elizabeth Spiers. This blog is filled with trends, fashion tips, coverage of fashion events and news related to fashion.

8. Frugal Fashionista
This blog is about taking celebrity styles, and recreating the look for a lot cheaper. Who says one has to spend thousands of dollars on clothes to be stylish and fashionable?

9.Go Fug Yourself This blog is about celebrities and fashion. Who doesn't like that? Go Fug Yourself was started by 2 ladies named Jessica and Heather. Kudos, girls, keep it up!! :)

10.Fab Sugar Fashion, Style, Shopping and Celebrities. Occasionally there is a contest or a giveaway posted. Definitely worth checking out further.

11. What I Wore This blog was started in 2008 by Jessica Quirk. It is her personal style blog where her husband takes her photo every day. This blog is awesome! Additionally, Jessica shares her tips on how to get started with a blog, so it's definitely worth a read, as she is doing it full-time right now.

12. The Cherry Blossom Girl is a personal style and fashion blog, which was started by a girl from France named Alix. She started the blog in February of 2007 and it has received a lot of print media attention as well as online buzz.

13. Maegan The author of the blog is a graphic and web designer, as well as works for an art dealer in L.A. Her necessity to express herself has lead her to start a personal style blog filled with awesome DIY's, Hair How To's and much more. Her blog now has a readership of thousands, and for a very good reason.

14. Alix Rose
This blog is great because the pictures are very interesting, featuring cool styles, fashion editorials, trends, interviews as well as other style tidbits. The blog has been featured on several websites, which relate to top fashion bloggers.

15.Knight Cat
A very cool style/fashion blog that is worth looking at. The photos are beautiful!

Link Love,


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me as a favorite and especially along side of my faves.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thank you Aviva for including me in your "Top 15" ...I am honored ;) xoxo

  3. You're very welcome! Thank you for giving me inspiration :)

  4. Great list! I follow some of those! :)

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    It would be awesome if you would check this blog out!
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