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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Featuring the Multi-Talented Model/Photographer Natalie Minh

Natalie Minh is a Los Angeles-based fitness model and photographer. Her dedication to fitness and extensive knowledge of the industry, exotic looks, "can do" attitude, in addition to intelligence all have contributed to her success as an ambitious female entrepreneur who serves as a role model to many young women.

Natalie is definitely someone to admire, because in addition to graduating from school with honours, earning two masters' degrees in 2.5 years, and excelling in athletics, she was able to win the WNSO FAME European Fitness Model Championship as well as get featured in countless print media both as a model and photographer.

She is a beautiful, intelligent, and driven entrepreneur and it was a huge honour for me to be able to interview her.

AVIVA: How long have you been involved in the modeling/fitness industry?
I’ve been involved in the fitness industry since November 2007, when I started seriously training and I signed up to my first physique competition - the FAME European Championships. To my surprise, I won 1st place in Fitness Model, 2nd place in Bikini Model and earned my Pro status. Quickly following the European win, I also competed in FAME World Championships in Toronto where I placed 3rd in Swimsuit Model - Open. The following year in 2009 I continued to compete and in the MuscleMania European Championships, I won 1st Place Ms. Bikini, 1st Place Model and 3rd Place Figure.
During this time, I landed a modeling contract with W Fitness Models, the premier fitness modeling agency in London and appeared in numerous magazines and TV features as a model and fitness personality in Europe and America.

AVIVA: What excites you about fitness? What is your biggest motivation?
The drive comes from within because I am making myself the person I always wanted to be – a worldly, successful woman who also happens to have a rockin' body. This is my goal for improving myself and it's so satisfying to achieve this step-by-step.

Image by Natalie Minh.
AVIVA:How did you get started in modeling?
I started modeling a few years ago when an amazing NYC fashion photographer, Davide, discovered me. I became his muse that year and he taught me so much. Since that first year working together, I started to specialize in fitness/swimsuit/lingerie modeling in the Europe and North American markets.

AVIVA: What is your favorite workout?
My favorite exercise is tricep kickbacks, straight legged deadlifts and kettlebell front swing squats.

AVIVA:You are also a photographer, can you briefly describe your accomplishments in photography and how you got started?
I started working in the industry as a model and learned the craft of photography over the years. I trained under renowned fashion, glamour, commercial photographers in Paris, Milan and Belgium. Over time, this turned into a career and my images are being used by well-known modeling agencies throughout Europe, advertising campaigns in Australia and United States, published in a number of international magazines and publications such as Muscular Development , Marathon Muscle Magazine, Ultra-Fit Magazine, etc.

Above Image: Hollywood and Champagne with French Actor Anthony DuprayAVIVA:Do you have a few words of advice for aspiring models?
Perseverance and treat it like a business.

AVIVA: If you weren't doing modeling/fitness/photography, what else would you be doing?
Prior to modeling/photography, I was a corporate girl working primarily for automotive companies. I held roles within the Treasury offices doing risk management, structured finance. Prior to this I was, for 7 years, a UNIX System Admin specializing in CAD/CAE Environments.

Image by Natalie Minh; Model Anthony Dupray
AVIVA: What are some of your favorite things to do in spare time?
I read magazines/books, socialize, go to the gym, and surf the net.

AVIVA: Do you have any funny/weird/crazy photoshoot story that you would like to share (if any stands out to you)?
On my move back to the States from Europe, I stopped in Paris to spend time with good friend and fashion photographer, Joel Dart. It was during the Holiday time and decided to meet up with French actor, Anthony Dupray, and film/shoot a short film based on a story of him being paid to kill his sister. We were running around in the cool Parisian air, through the Champs Élysées, Georges V, Eiffel Tower, etc doing impromptu story lines. Since then, we both moved to LA and continued to collaborate together on projects in Hollywood.

I would like to thank Natalie for this interview and I wish her continued success in the future. To see more of Natalie's work, check out her WEBSITE, Lifestyle Magazine, Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Amazing Interview, Natalie!



  1. Very interesting interview!Love her answer about why fitness excites her.

  2. Hi Aviva ,

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring interview , some are born Genius and I think Natalie is one of them.

    If you get time , have a look at my space :)

    take care
    keep smiling.



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