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Monday, February 7, 2011

100 Valentine's Gift Ideas For Under $50

With Valentine's Day being less than 1 week away, you are probably looking for some last minute gift ideas for your loved ones.

When it comes to presents, the most expensive stuff is not necessarily what you need to buy in order to make people happy. Happiness comes from within, and it is not the monetary price that you pay, but the thought that counts.

People want to feel loved & remembered, and when you buy something for them, you are letting them know that they are not forgotten. It doesn't matter if you spend $25, $100, or $500 on a present to the people that you're buying for.

Buying inexpensive presents does not mean that you are cheap, it just means that you are resourceful when it comes to budgeting.

While browsing on Amazon, I found some awesome gift ideas.

Fragrances. Provided that they are not allergic, women love perfume. I enjoy getting perfume as a present, and I know many of my female relatives and friends do as well.

Jewelry. You don't have to buy $1000+ diamond rings/necklaces in order to show your appreciation of the person you are buying for. Generally, women like jewelry because it looks nice.

Magazine Subscriptions. Why not give someone a subscription to their favorite magazine?

Books.They are inexpensive, and some of them are intersting and entertaining.

Movies & TV. People love to watch a good movie/show. There are movies for all interests.

These are only a can check out Amazonfor more gift ideas :)

Have a great one!!

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