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Monday, February 21, 2011

Kylie Minogue Darling: Perfume Review

About a year ago, my mom bought me a bottle of Kylie Minogue Darling perfume. The best thing about it is that it lasted me almost the whole year, even though I was using it frequently.

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Personally, I like the way it smells because the smell is noticeable but at the same time it is not too strong. I am not a fan of perfumes that smell so strong that you have to wonder if the person wearing it didn't just pour the whole bottle of it onto themselves. Subtle-smelling perfumes such as the Kylie Minogue Darling are great for everyday wear.
If I had to compare Kylie Minogue Darling to Fantasy By Britney Spears , Kylie Minogue wins hands down. I found Fantasy By Britney Spears too strong for my liking.

I believe that Kylie's perfume is appropriately priced for the value that the buyer would be getting.

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