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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weight Training For Dummies the 3rd Edition Review

This review is a guest post submitted by Eschelle Westwood.


Weight Training For Dummies was a really great source of information for anyone looking to get into the weight training scene. I found that there was great information for EVERYONE even those who have been in the weight training scene already.
Dummies books have always been great at approaching everyone with their humorous, easy access,information.

The book touches on how “all ages…[can] benefit from weight training.” Which I agree with, as long as you are doing it properly and this book definitely tells you how to do that. It shows you the wrong way to do exercises, as well as the RIGHT way.

They go into such detail that they have a chapter dedicated to EACH muscle group and how to work out each properly depending on what you want to achieve. Not to mention they explain the differences between gym training and AT HOME training. Even explaining how to set-up and create your own home gym, what kind of equipment you need AND how to care for it properly! They even went into great detail on the etiquette of the gym, which I think is VERY important. Nothing ruins your gym experience more than inconsiderate member’s right??

The next thing that could ruin your gym experience is the wrong trainer and this book provides the tips you need to know on how to pick the RIGHT trainer for you. If you are familiar with the “dummies”series you would know that they have some great tips, warning, myth busters etc. all-throughout the book to help you REALLY get it! Not to mention they touch on the subject of “liability insurance,” and how important it is to get a trainer that has it.

Another one of the many great point this book tries to make is the importance of healthy living and tracking your exercising! This book shows you in detail how to track what you do daily; one to track your calories burned and two; to ENCOURAGE you to keep going. Writing down all your daily activity is supposed to be a great motivator, when you see your list daily activity list grow it must be nothing more than “awe-striking” when you see exactly what you can do.

This book even manages to inform you and give you a good estimate on where you fitness level SHOULD be depending on the exercise you are partaking in.

Weight Training For Dummies tries to make it IMPOSSIBLE for you to not continue your training by even providing you with great tips and ways to “pack” a gym for vacations, business trips, or even to keep in your car for when you’re at the park with the kids. They even touch on how “De-training” can be really important and harmful to your training, in the sense that once you fall off the horse it is WAY harder to get back on once you stop. I love the no excuse approach to exercise and health, just as they touched on the importance of water. We all know that we need it but not many will drink it!

Like I said in the beginning this book is filled with a plethora of information, so much so that I couldn’t possibly fathom touching on them all here. I really suggest this book; it really managed to make weight training accessible and not nearly so overwhelming. Even shows how ANYONE can weight train, which I greatly commend. I give this book a 5/5! Not easy, but well deserved!

**Note: Images in this post are screenshots of content in the book.
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Have a great workout and I wish you success!!! I would like to thank Eschelle again for sending in this review.

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