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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Aviva Now, Anat Khempler is History

When I first started modeling, I used Anat Khempler as my stage name because I thought that was a way to protect my identity and I liked the sound of it.

However, I soon realized that stage names are very important and many girls choose to use a stage name in order to separate their modeling career from their real life.

Benefits of a stage name:
*People in your real life don't know that you model (which could be good with all the myths about modeling that are out there)
*An internet stalker won't know your real name, so they can't track down
*It it's catchy/easy to promounce/unique enough, then it might help your career
*Allows for privacy and anonymity

My problem with Anat Khempler is that it was too difficult to pronounce, and too long.
Therefore, I thought Aviva is a better choice because it's shorter & sweeter, and it's also my middle name.
From now on, all my online profiles will be under Aviva, just like Facebook

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