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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Victoria Photographer Jon Faulknor

Jon Faulknor is a published photographer from Victoria BC. He graduated from the Western Academy of Photography about 4 years ago. Some of his interests, other than photography are skiing, hiking, camping, biking.

On his website, which can be seen HERE, he states that he "would rather take pictures than talk about himself".

However, I had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about the craft and about himself. :)

AVIVA: How long have you been doing photography?
I have been doing photography for 15 years now. I started in Lake Louise with an old Pentax K-1000. Most of the shots were black until I read the manual and things started looking a lot better after that.

AVIVA: What is your favorite thing about photography?
There are so many things that I love about photography, but I love seeing amazing images that inspire me to get out and take more photos. There is nothing better then being out taking some shots and coming home and seeing the results up on the computer screen. Back in the days of film is was so cool to get your slides back and see them on the light table and jump up at you. I still like that as it's a completely different perspective.

AVIVA: Where do you see photography taking you 5 years from now?
Well right now I see myself living full time off photography in 5 years. The past 6 months has been amazing for me and my photography and just getting out there and meeting new clients and people. There are so many different types of photography out there that I love doing like Ski photography, nature photography it's hard to keep focused, but right now I am really focusing on Real estate/interior photography which is the complete opposite of Sports and Nature photography.
My goals are to be shooting every day in 5 years and just keep having fun with it.

AVIVA: Do you believe you have a unique style?
I think every photographer has their own unique style. I'm not sure if I have found mine yet. As I am still photographing many different types of subjects, from the sports to real estate to weddings I haven't quite found my own "style". Mind you when shooting fashion type images I like to do a darker eerie theme shoots so I suppose in the genre that is my unique style.

AVIVA: Which photographer/artist influences you (if any stand out)?
This is a hard one to answer. There are so many photographers that I admire. When I first started doing nature photography I really liked and still do like Art Wolfe. I remember the first time I saw his images I was in the REI in Seattle and saw one of his books and was just amazed at his nature photography. For Fashion photography there are a few photographers that defiantly inspire me. Lithium Picnic is probably one of the first ones I came across a few years ago. His work is just stunning.
I could go on with photographers but I could be here a while.

AVIVA: If you weren't doing photography, what would you be doing?
If I wasn't doing photography I would be back living in the mountains being a ski bum. I spent 7 years in Whistler and 2 years in Lake louise logging in over 100 days a year on the hill. I was able to spend a few days up on the mountain this year and planning on more days this coming winter.

AVIVA: Do you have a favorite subject to shoot?
: Favorite subject is hands down skiing. I love being on the mountain skiing and photography the athletes. You can't ask for much more then skiing and taking photos of skiers.Being up on the snow cover mountain feels like home so I'm really comfortable up there and I know the sport really well so it makes it easy to get the right shot.

AVIVA: Could you tell me more about the photography contests/your published work?
While I was attending Western Academy of Photography here in Victoria 4 years ago, or was it 5. Wow time flies. Back onto the answer now. I entered the Bridgestone photo contest and each student was asked to enter. I think about half the class entered the contest. I had looked at previous winners and was all worried as everyone had used photoshop on their images and at that point in time I was very new to using the program. I ended up shooting a very simple image and won. The prize was $1500 which was much needed for school supplies. You can see the photo HERE.

As well as that contest I entered photo life's emerging photographers contest this year and I had one of my images published that I submitted.

I have also been published in a few other magazines like Layers magazine, Triathlon Magazine Canada as well as a few local papers for including the Martlet and Monday magazine for some theatre work I did a few years ago.

AVIVA: Any final words/comments?
Photography is my greatest passion and it's taken me to some very cool places and being able to photograph them to keep the memories is even cooler. It's been amazing to see all the advances in photography over the past 5 years.
Photography is one of those things that I will never stop doing just for the pure joy it brings.


I congratulate Jon on his published work and contest winnings. I wish him all the best in his photographic career.


Stay tuned for more interviews/articles on photographers, designers, store owners, and much more!

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