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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Published Vancouver/Surrey Photographer Larry Niven

Larry Niven is a freelance photographer based in Surrey, British Columbia.
He specializes in fitness, swimwear and lingerie photography.
Additionally, he is a freelance photographer for Muscle Mag.
Besides shooting models, Larry also likes landscape, street, and nature photography.

The other day, I've had the pleasure of asking Larry a few questions about photography and modeling.

AVIVA: How long have you been doing photography?
I picked up a camera for the first time in the 1970s. However, I did not start doing photography seriously until I started taking photography classes in college in 1982.

AVIVA:What got you into photography?
I went to college to play ball and after one semester I had enough and decided to call it quits. I was in college with nothing to do except take boring math and accounting courses. That is when I discovered that my college had a photography program. I had been interested in photography in high school and decided to take a course in colleges. I was then hooked!

AVIVA: Do you have a favorite subject?
There is not a particular favorite subject. I love fashion, aviation, glamour, landscape, nature and fashion photography.

AVIVA:What has been your most exciting experience in photography (if any stands out to you)?
LN: Stepping into a photography studio for the first time in 1982. The studio was Focal Point and it is still around.

AVIVA:Do you have any advice for photographers who are interested in being published?
Study whatever magazine that you want to get published in. Find out what the publisher is looking for and practise to develop your skills!

AVIVA: Which print publications has your work appeared in?
My work has been in
American Curves
Inside Fitness
Muscle mag
The Vancouver Sun
Calidad Ambiental
Petit Fashion

AVIVA: If you could say a few things to aspiring models, what would you say?
Set some goals. Develop your skills and work on developing a career outside of modeling. Most models do modeling to promote a career (such as acting or writing) or to promote a business.

AVIVA: On your website, you stated that you traveled. Do you have a travel experience that you would like to share?
There have been numerous experiences that I enjoy telling. One of them was meeting Jaime Pressley at a photo shoot that I was doing for a agency in Los Angeles. During my first trip to the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas, I walked into the expo and saw Sylvester Stallone and Lou Ferrigino working side by side at two booths. Also traveling through the Grand Canyon and the Rockies were great experiences.

AVIVA: Do you have any last comments about modeling and photography?
Do it for fun. You are not going to get rich. However you will find it rewarding through the people who you meet, the events that you go to and the things that you see.

I'd like to thank Larry for answering my questions, and I hope that his success in photography continues.

To see his work, please click on the links right below.
Larry's Model Mayhem Profile


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