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Thursday, July 29, 2010

A word from Philipe

Philipe is a photographer, make-up artist, and hairstylist from Upland, California. He has been doing make-up and hair for several years, and has shot models from some of the best modeling agencies in the world. Shooting with Philipe is like having an A+ team working with you to create amazing images.

Philipe has won several hair and make-up competitions. Additionally, he is creating his own fashion line :)

Some of his clients include Dolce & Gabana, Gucci,Canon, Prior and many others. He's shot models on America's Next Top Model and The Janice Dickinson Agency.

His work and credits can be seen on

I am thrilled to feature Philipe's word here. There is a lot that one can learn from him.

AVIVA: How long have you been doing photography?
I've been doing photography for about 5 years.

AVIVA: What got you interested in hair/make-up and photography?
I started doing hair a long time ago, then make up.
I was doing hair and make up for photographers and I just was not getting any pictures back. So I decided to pick up a camera and take pictures. At the time it was film, then I went to digital...Even during digital I was still shooting film.

AVIVA: How long after you started model/fashion photography did it take you before you started working for big names and major commercial clients?
For a long time I was just shooting agency models and I still do.
I don't know, I have not really thought about it. I'd say about three years into doing photography...

AVIVA: Do you have any advice for photographers who would like to get published?
It's tricky, I normally have clients that take care of that or I get contacted, asking to use my work. I never submitted to a magazine to see if I could get in. So for everyone, it's different.
The goal should not be "to be in a magazine". The goal should be, to always do your best, no matter who sees it.

AVIVA: What do you believe is the best way to approach potential commercial clients?
I've never approached potential clients. The way it has been done for me is that I get contacted, then I respond. As far as me responding back, it's always brief. I ask what their budget is and what they want.
I never hype myself, because it's a matter of they either like my work or they don't. So, if they contact you, it's obvious they like your work.
But I also understand that they are probably contacting other photographers too. It does not mean I'll go into a betting war. My fee stays the same. I do negotiate with the client.
But most of the time it's "This is our budget and this is what we need".
If the price is too low, I say "what you're asking for is going to take more work, I'll need a better offer".

AVIVA: What are your thoughts on TFP? Did you do it at the beginning of your career?
Yes, I did TFP in the beginning. My thoughts are, still give the model what she needs as far as pictures. Remember she is doing you a favor. She will help you get good pictures to lure paying clients.

AVIVA: What is your favorite thing about photography?
Creating, discovering something new. Seeing the end result.

AVIVA: Do you have any weird/interesting/crazy shoot experience you would like to share?
When I get a normal day in my life, maybe the craziest day will rise to the top and stand out.
My last crazy day was shooting for 17 hours, now understand that some photographers will say, I do long hours all the time. They forget, I do all the hair and make up and body painting, arrange my own light set up on all my shoots.
I'd call it a vacation if I just shot pictures.

AVIVA: If you could say a few things to aspiring models, what would they be?
Respect yourself, work hard and be honest with yourself.
Never kiss up to a photographer (he or she will think your a bitch for not kissing up, but it's just their ego).
Don't do drugs, if you drink, control yourself.
Be responsible.
Be careful of the egos of some photographers.
So many photographers think they're "bad ass", try sitting next to Steven Miesel, look at his career, then look at your yours. You still think you're bad ass? Don't even think about it. He shoots for Vogue like we tie our shoes or drink water. It's just there for him, it's normal and common for him. Like nothing to him; just another day.

AVIVA: Any last comments?
There is always someone out there better than you. It's very important to stay humble before you make yourself look like a fool. If you think that the way models and photographers act on TV is the way you should act on a real life shoot, you're wrong.
Again, I thank Philipe for his time and his answers.
I wish him continued success in this industry for many years to come.
Aviva :)

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  1. Nice interview. Philipe is one of the top photographers, mua, hairstylist, and body painter. He's a 4 time threat.


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