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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ANEW Clinical Eye Lift Review by Donna Perry

This review was submitted by Donna Perry, who is a beauty/make-up blogger and an independent Avon representative.


I am using this product daily morning and night. I love the unique two part system. It is an upper eye gel and an under eye cream.

Creams do not work when applied to your upper eye lid, the cream always manages to get inside your eye and that's irritating, also not good for your eye. The Clinical eye gel stays were you put it... while giving an instant eye lift.

Part two, the eye cream, visibly reduces under eye shadowing and puffiness. I am seeing a triple lift of my under brows, eye lids and under eye. With a regular price of $28 and an on sale price of $20, this is a very low price to pay when you see the results you receive from this product! If you want an instant eye lift without surgery, I definitely recommend this ANEW Clinical Eye Lift from AVON.


I would like to thank Donna for the review.
We hope you liked this review and found it helpful,

Aviva :)


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