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Friday, March 18, 2011

Markus Klinko & Indrani Ace Daphne Guinness Shoot for The London Sunday Times

Earlier this month, I interviewed New York photographer Markus Klinko. In his interview, Markus stated that he and Indrani (his creative partner) shot Daphne Guinness for The London Sunday Times.

Daphne Guinnes is a beautiful fashionista/couture collector from London. She is the heiress of the Guinness Beer fortune. She is well known for her couture clothing collection, and for being a prominent fashion icon.

When Markus told me about the collaboration with Daphne Guinness, I knew right away that they were going to come up with something great. Markus & Indrani are well-known for their iconic celebrity images and spectacular photo spreads in the world's biggest magazines. (You can read more about Markus & Indrani on their WEBSITE)

Why do I love the image above? First, the image is perfectly composed with Daphne's face right at the point of interest (rule of thirds). Second, the subtleness of the Gothic architecture makes this such a great choice of location, that it's very hard not to keep staring at the photo. I definitely love the choice of wardrobe, which is incredible, especially because of the way it leads the viewer to the main point of interest in the shot. The lighting is perfect and even throughout the whole image.

Why do I love the image above? First off, the concept is cool and very interesting. Although I am not a big fan of snakes, I think that the snake adds an element of uniqueness in the shot. As usual, the image is perfectly composed and evenly lit. I love her outfit in this shot as well.

Above: Directed by Indrani is a short, ~one minute film, called A Tribute to the Spirit of Alexander McQueen starring Daphne Guinness. It features fashions of Alexander McQueen, Genghis Khan, Gareth Pugh, Philip Treacy, New York Vintage, Bess and Fred Leighton.

You can also visit Markus & Indrani's Facebook Page, Indrani's Twitter, and Markus' Twitter

(**Images courtesy of Markus & Indrani and have been posted here with permission**)

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