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Monday, March 28, 2011

ANEW Skincare Review by Donna Perry (Avon Representative)

This review was submitted by Donna Perry. Donna is an Avon representative and beauty/skincare blogger.


I Highly Recommend this regimen to everyone at any age.

Skin Care… this is the #1 beauty tip in my opinion. Cleanse and Moisturize morning and night!

The ANEW day creams have a SPF of 25, we all know that the sun is bad for our skin. Protecting it makes a huge difference year after year. I felt a difference in my skin in 2 days. And as I continue to use it, my skin looks better and feels softer, definitely smoother and of course makes me feel better overall. And it doesn’t have to take long! It really takes me just a few minutes and it's well worth it!!

The one thing that would make these creams perfect is a spatula, to apply the product. A spatula is not included but I picked up a dozen for $1.50 at my local beauty supply store. I prefer the spatula because it gives me better control over how much I use. Using the spatula also helps control contamination from the oils on your fingers ~ to the cream in your jar.

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